Merton Ave and N Figueroa St

September 6, 2010

On Monday (the second day of shooting), in the afternoon, after we left Covina, we headed back to the “studio” (aka our apartment) and shot a few “street” scenes. We were shooting some MOS-type stuff in an alley and on the sidewalk. We shot not one, not two, but three different scenes! We had some close calls with some cars, but all in all it was a safe, fun location.

We wrapped at that location (the one near our apartment) and then we scooted over to the North Fig Street location where we again shot three different scenes, really fast! The crew was slim and quiet and quick and our actor was ready to work efficiently. Even with the time pressure and the noise of the traffic, he was focused and “in the zone.”

We are very grateful for a cast and crew that was able to roll with the punches of low-budget shooting!


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