August 30, 2010

On Monday (the second day of shooting), we were in Covina on an Albertson’s parking lot at a lovely little recycling center called rePLANET. rePLANET was developed by TOMRA and is specifically designed for the deposit system that exists in California. We contacted TOMRA and asked about shooting at one of their locations and they were very accommodating.

Something that’s interesting to note: TOMRA has made a deal with the grocery stores on which their sites operate to not accept recycling from people who bring it to the location in a shopping cart. That’s just a rule. It was a bit of a sticky point on the day of shooting. The regional rep was on site with us and saw the prop shopping cart and approached me about this rule that they have… For a few tense minutes we thought that we might have to rewrite the script and justify him not having a cart! It would have been difficult, but we’d have done our best. But thankfully, this was not the case. The RePlanet rep told us that it’d be okay. Thank you RePlanet!!

As mentioned, we had a regional TOMRA rep with us.  We also had a local rePLANT staff member with us and both were very helpful with information, t-shirts, and time!  Thanks guys!!


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